December 2013

What happens to ISON's remains?

Apologies for going quiet on this site - it takes a while to recover from events like this! I have actually started several blog posts and then never gotten chance to finish them. That will happen eventually, and I'll post new content on here from time to time, but right now I just want to address this one issue that I'm still getting an email bombardment about: what happens now to comet ISON's remains?

What Next for the CIOC?

Apologies for going a tad quiet for a few days. The perihelion week for comet ISON was just ridiculously busy, and a short day for me was 12 full hours, so I needed to back off for a couple of days to try and catch my breath and prepare for the data analysis phase, and continue to respond to media enquiries, etc. We have a few things going on next so here's a quick summary.

Your chance to ask the experts about Comet ISON (Part 2)

Comet ISON made headlines as it had a spectacular (and apparently fatal) close encounter with the Sun last week. Here is your chance to find out the latest about the comet from the scientists who have been studying ISON since its discovery just one year ago.

In Memoriam

Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
Born 4.5 Billion BC, Fragmented Nov 28, 2013 (age 4.5-billion yrs old)