Your chance to ask the experts about Comet ISON (Part 2)

Comet ISON made headlines as it had a spectacular (and apparently fatal) close encounter with the Sun last week. Here is your chance to find out the latest about the comet from the scientists who have been studying ISON since its discovery just one year ago.

Wed., Dec. 4, 9pm EST/6pm PST
Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with Comet ISON researchers
Comet ISON reached its close approach with the Sun on Thursday (Nov. 28). In the hours and days leading up to this encounter its brightness fluctuated dramatically and astronomers were left wondering what would happen. It now appears that Comet ISON broke up prior to its close approach to the Sun and that if there is anything left of its nucleus, the remnants are quite small and unlikely to become the brilliant naked eye comet for which many had hoped.

Answering your Comet ISON questions will be scientists studying Comet ISON and members of NASA's Comet ISON Observing Campaign team:
-Matthew Knight (Lowell Observatory)
-Karl Battams (Naval Research Laboratory)
-Elizabeth Warner (University of Maryland)
-Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (Space Sciences Institute)
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